Announcement: Euro Pharma 2020

The Pharmaceutical industry over the years has been changing rapidly with the advent of various technologies. This has indeed helped us in coming up with some of the great healthcare solutions for the current and future generations. However, at this pace of the research and development, it becomes essential for researchers and industries to share their research findings to prevent the process of spinning the wheel again and also to address the challenges encountered during the process. We at the Euro Pharma series of events, try together the subject experts to tackle these issues to provide better healthcare services for the future generation.

After successfully hosting the 3rd series of the Europharma event in Rome, Italy, we are glad to announce that the next event, “4th World Congress on Pharma and Pharmaceutical Sciences” is now scheduled to be held at Frankfurt, Germany on March 16-17, 2020. The event is planned around the theme of Shaping the Future of Healthcare and Pharma Sciences where we provide a platform for both the academic and industrial researchers to present their works and finding at a global platform.

The sessions at the conference will discuss various aspects of the Pharmaceutical sciences, it’s advancements and the challenges. This will also serve as a platform for academic researchers and corporate firms to look for collaboration and share their work. The topics that will be discussed at the conference include
  • Impact of Technology in Pharma Sciences
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug Discovery and Advancements
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Nanomedicine and many more...

To enquire about the Speaker, Delegate and other opportunities at the conference, write to us at



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